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Elite Practice Formula by Carlo Biasucci


Elite Practice Formula by Carlo Biasucci

About The Book:

The 5 Great Truths about the dentists who create exceptionally successful and sustainable practices AND satisfying professional lives.
Why the solo practice model is being decimated and what you can do about it NOW, before it’s too late.
What dentists can learn from big business about sustainable practice growth.
How to build leverage into your business and life so you can FINALLY enjoy freedom of time and money.
How to build a marketing strategy and system that sets you up as the trusted authority in your market and keeps a constant flow of new patients coming.


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About The Author:

Dr. Carlo Biasucci is a practicing dentist, and owner of a large multi-doctor and multi-specialty dental practice in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  His practice is growing at more than 10 times the national average in almost all metrics, and he has doubled his practice 5 times since inception making it one of the fastest growing healthcare practices in the country.  He is a speaker, consultant, and best-selling author.
He is a champion of guiding the private practice dentist off the treadmill that many professionals know all to well, and regain control of their practice and personal freedom to finally start living the life they envisioned when entering the profession.

Dr. Carlo enjoys downtime with his family, whether at home, the family cottage, or an exotic destination to escape the Canadian winter.  His most prized award comes form daughter Allison who attests he is ‘the best daddy in the world’.


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