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Education Expert Helps Parents Prepare Their Children for Financial Success

Education Expert Helps Parents Prepare

Their Children for Financial Success

August 2013

How can we avoid the next financial crisis ? One important prevention strategy is for parents to teach children the value of money and how to manage it.

Ida Subaran has a Masters degree in Education from Harvard University and has devoted her career

to education in many countries of the world.She  identified the void in an area concerning  financial education of children. A  void which has contributed to much suffering, frustration and despair. Subaran recognized  the pressing need to help children to understand  and appreciate the value of money and to offer them a head start in all that affects them financially. So she was motivated to write her new book,

WEALTH : Prepare Your Children to make Fortunes

How Parents Can  Help Promote Financial Success in Their Children (Motivational Press)

This book discusses various facets of acquiring and managing money,  particularly  those rarely recognized or considered. It also suggests easy activities to implement, and advice to parents, teachers, and those  concerned with children.

Since parents are their children’s first and most important educators, it’s crucial for them to educate their children about money starting  at a young age, Subaran says : When young people receive a solid financial grounding as they grow  up and experience life, they will be spared anguish, financial disaster, or lost opportunities to better their financial success

Included are examples from developed and developing countries, of engaging  initiatives that are helping people  overcome money problems .These  touching real life examples  offer insight into the lives of others and in particular their creativity, imagination and  bold action to improve their lives.


Ida Subaran was born in Jamaica and is of Indian descent. She was educated in Jamaica, the Indian subcontinent and the United States of America. Ida has a Master of Education degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. For many years she worked for a United Nations Technical Agency as an international civil servant in the area of education.

The author has lived in various cultural settings and has visited many countries on different continents. Her education, experience and wide exposure have influenced and inspired the theme of this book. Besides writing, she loves to paint exotic flowers and landscapes—-some of which have been exhibited. Recently she published an e-book for children age 3 and up, in English and French entitled The Date Palm Tree/ Le Palmier Dattier. Ida Subaran lives in Paris, France





Written by Justin