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Edna White

Edna White
Inspirational Speaker

Surviving to recovery of sexual abuse
How to Survive to Thrive
Lessons from your time in the Valley
Inspired Living  10 Lessons from Einstein
3 Actual Steps to Get your book into Libraries
Moving on Past the Pain
Manifest me Now Following the Road to Happiness
Clarity, Confidence Change!
Master your emotions master your life
Exchange your ashes for gold.  Turning your negative to positive

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Speaker Bio:

Edna J. White was a born inspirational, as far as she can remember she always
felt a presence of a higher power. One that she would speak to in her alone
time, one that she would entreat to rescue her in times of distress and the One
she felt simple complicity.

Edna is a writer, an author of several self-help and inspiration books that can
be found in libraries and bookstores around the country. She wrote to give
herself voice only to find that she was giving others the strength to have a
voice. Her writings are her journal of her human condition mastering the
spiritual release.

Edna gave 25 years of her life to the ministry, as an Evangelist, in which she
calls “someone else’s religion”, contributing to the community, only to find she
needed no “label” at all to be who she was from the beginning.

Through the second book that she is solely proud of, “Stuff! Giving voice to the
Secret”, encourages childhood sexual abuse survivors to live fully and align
their mind, bodies, and emotions to a thriving enriched life.

Her first real master piece “Friends Learn”, while living in China for a
year, is when she created her first children’s book in honor of her students in
Jinan, China. “Friends Learn” has been considered by book buyers of Toys R Us in
2013. It is now available in the children’s in local libraries in the USA.

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