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Eating On The Go: Traveling Lite by Roxanne Edrington

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Eating On The Go: Traveling Lite
by Roxanne Edrington

About The Book:

Dr. Edrington explains why eating on-the-go can be convenient and
healthy. Her new book shows logical choices for a traveler’s healthy
lifestyle. Is it possible to hit-the-road and maintain a healthy lifestyle? This
question has been the subject of many discussions in the past, but Dr.
Edrington’s new book “Eating On-the-Go: Traveling Lite” tackles it in
great detail. She is able to explain in an easy to understand fashion that it is
indeed both convenient and easy to maintain a healthy diet while away from home.
This may be bad news for Fast Food Establishments, but it is great news for
travelers concerned with their well being while on-the-road.

“Eating On-the-Go: Traveling Lite” illustrates why convenience and
compromise don’t have to equate to unhealthy eating habits. Readers learn how
to make the right choices, and implement the right strategies. Within these
pages, the reader will learn to plan, prepare and pack, in order to alleviate
any “junk food” temptations. They will learn why it makes sense to eat often
so as to not be starving while traveling, and then settling on any kind of food
that they can get their hands-on.
By learning how to make better food choices, folks can prevent, or even reverse,
chronic illnesses, which include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and
diabetes, and others, from wreaking havoc in their lives.

“Eating On-the-Go: Traveling Lite” presents a plan which instructs the
reader how to make simple changes in their eating habits to be healthier and
have more energy. The book has already received rave reviews from readers who
report that they feel fantastic, with a renewed energy and optimistic outlook on
their lives. Some people spend a good portion of their lives traveling. An
unhealthy lifestyle manifests itself in faster aging, and all of its concomitant
health problems.


About The

r. Roxanne Edrington is a doctor of
Chiropractic (DC), a clinical nutritionist (CCN), Board Certified Naturopathic
Physician, healthy lifestyle coach, public speaker, athlete, author and single
mother of two. She is certified in Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology.
As a functional chiropractor and a clinical nutritionist, Dr. Roxanne has
integrated body composition assessment, biological cellular analysis, applied
kinesiology, and clinical nutrition in her practice. Dr. Roxanne is a graduate
of the Institute of Functional Medicine in which she assesses and treats
disorders of human function that occur at the cellular and sub-cellular

She has a long list of credentials and awards in the world of bodybuilding
including Mrs. Texas, Mrs. Louisiana, Mrs. Southern States and in 1997 Mrs.
World Cup. Dr. Roxanne was nominated the Natural Female Athlete of the Year two
years running (1996 & 1997) and was the 24 Hour Fitness National Triathlon
Champion three years in a row. (1999-2001). In the year 2000, Dr. Roxanne ran
the Boston Marathon and played on “The Houston Energy”, a professional
women’s football team, winning the Superbowl in the years 2000, 2001 and 2002.
In the summer of 2007 Dr. Roxanne competed in several Figure and Bodybuilding
competitions which gave her several titles such as the “2007 Master’s Figure
Champion” and “2007 Ms Southern States. In 2012, Dr. Roxanne began competing
in triathlons and qualified for the 2013 National Championships. She is now
training to race in an Ironman competition in the year 2014.

Dr. Roxanne is the CEO and author of Ultimate Vitality, LLC. These UVP
(Ultimate Vitality Programs) are designed to enhance health and vitality through
balance nutrition and lifestyle choices. Dr. Roxanne offers seminars and
workshops as an innovative tool to educate the public on how to obtain better
health and permanent weight loss.


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