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Doing a Lot with a Little: From the Depression to Century 21

Doing a Lot with a Little: From the Depression to Century 21

We all wish to do something special for our kids and grand
kids, which will last throughout their lives. A description of
their roots is the most lasting gift I could imagine. This book
provides a foundation from which they can grow to
experience their own life stories.
In my short 77 years, I have lived through many dramatic
life changing experiences. Birth in the midst of the Great
Depression, vivid memories of World War II, Jet and
Supersonic Aircraft, Space Stations, TV, Internet, Index
Funds, Wireless Phones, and much more.
Our kids and grand kids can look forward to Space Travel,
Nuclear Fusion Energy, Magnetic Propulsion, Energy
Independence, Fuel Cell Cars and Home Energy and
other concepts not even envisioned at this time. They will
take on a heavy responsibility for the interactions of the
entire world. Hopefully, as they view the good and the
bad of our generation, they will learn from our mistakes
and create a better and more lasting world.

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Olson, Jim     Author

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  BIO003000          Biography & Autobiography : Business
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