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Digital Siege, why young entrepreneurs are winning by David Browning

Digital Siege, why young entrepreneurs are winning by David Browning


Digital Siege, why young entrepreneurs are winning by David Browning About The Book:

The average age of an S & P 500 CEO is 55.  The average age of an “internet” entrepreneur is half that.  They exist in different worlds.

The three most valuable brands (Forbes 2015) are Apple, Google, and Microsoft.  Add to this Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, AirBnB, Uber, PayPal, etc. and you begin to understand the Digital Siege hitting corporate America.  It’s like a thousand flowers blooming around the castle walls.

Corporate executives hire professionals to  improve their web presence, provide customers with online access, and list corporate information.  Young entrepreneurs are in a candy shop of new technologies and data.  With no legacy organization or systems, they dream up new business models based on the latest open source software, communications, and data on the internet.

These two worlds are going after the same customers and the young entrepreneurs are winning.

With his background as both a senior executive and long time entrepreneur, David Browning looks at the differences in business approaches, organization, information used, as well as leadership styles.  He gives examples of executives of large companies who have successfully been entrepreneurial.  He also looks at where businesses and company ownership are headed and what he describes as “coral reef” organizations.

There are several chapters devoted to what a CEO can do to work around the “stove pipes” and “umbrellas” of their legacy organization.  He also describes’s creative process that led to so many of its innovations in its 14 countries of presence.

Digital Siege is a fascinating insider’s look at how the internet is transforming the economic organization, as we have known it.  It is brought to life with numerous first hand stories and descriptions from both the executive suite and the entrepreneur’s coffee shop.


About The Author:

David Browning has been both a highly successful corporate executive and long time multinational entrepreneur.  His leadership skills brought him to the top levels at Citigroup over a 21-year career in six countries.  He was Citi’s CEO in Sweden, Ireland, and Singapore.  He reestablished their World Corporation Group in 10 asian countries.  He created the Structured Finance Division in the U.S. and formed a new global group handling investment management and mutual funds.  He retired for personal reasons as a corporate EVP at age 46.

After a pause to race cars, be an artist, build beach houses in the Outer Banks, and engage in early stage internet investing, he turned to the entrepreneurial world and co-founded in early 2000 with Kurt Baumann and Bill Schrader. was created as a spin-off in 15 countries of PSINet, one of the original commercial internet companies and the second IPO after Netscape.  With Kurt as Chairman/internet guru and David as CEO/manager, survived the bubble, was an innovative leader on 4 continents, never sought outside capital, and reached over 1,000 employees.

The first consumer broadband in Brazil (Apartnet), first rural internet inclusion in Argentina, first managed hosting in Japan, first prepaid internet access in the Philippines, first commercial “Easyhotspot” in Germany (CeBit ’03), are some of the gang of entrepreneur’s innovations.

David has been a transformational leader and change agent whether in the corporate world or inspiring and leading entrepreneurs.  He has lived in 7 countries and is a dual U.S./Swiss citizen.  With his experience he is uniquely positioned to write about the fascinating market changes as young entrepreneurs are redefining what a business model is and disrupting traditional companies.


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