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Digital Siege, Why Young Entrepreneurs are Winning by David Browning


Digital Siege, Why Young Entrepreneurs are Winning by David Browning

About The Book:

The average age of an S & P 500 CEO is 55. The average age of an “Internet” entrepreneur is mid-20s. They are in different worlds. The three most valuable brands (2015) are Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Add to this Amazon, EBay, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, AirBnB, Uber, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc., and you begin to understand the Digital Siege hitting corporate America.

The business these upstarts are doing is being taken from existing corporations whose executives are struggling to respond with legacy systems, layers of management, and burdensome administration.

Read how this battle is unfolding and why the young entrepreneurs are winning.


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About The Author:

David Browning has been both a successful corporate executive and international entrepreneur.  His leadership skills brought him to the top levels at Citibank over a 21-year career in six countries.   He left the corporate world at 45 and became an entrepreneur co-founding and leading for over 10 years on four continents.

David’s extensive experience as both an internet entrepreneur and corporate executive gives him a unique first hand perspective on the battle taking place today between two very different cultures and generations.

David is an advisor and mentor to both entrepreneurs and executives.  He has been a ski instructor, rock climber, car racer, professional piano player, and loves painting in oils.  He has lived in seven countries, flown over 3 million miles, and currently resides in Switzerland with his wife.


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