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DADLY Wisdom: Untold Stories That Represent the True Faces of Fatherhood by Jennifer K. Jordan

DADLY Wisdom: Untold Stories That Represent the True Faces of Fatherhood by Jennifer K. Jordan

Did you know that fatherhood is alive and well all over the world? DADLY Wisdom: Untold Stories That Represent the True Faces of Fatherhood shows that fatherhood is indeed thriving throughout the world. Inspired by her father, Jennifer K. Jordan collected stories from dads all across the globe: USA, Australia, Germany, Lebanon, Kenya, Norway, Mexico, Spain, Afghanistan, Chile, Denmark, Slovakia, and Poland.

The book is a treasured collection of inspirational stories from these dads who represent humanity at its best. Their perspective on raising children, the challenges and joys of fatherhood, and the wisdom they have forged will ignite a passion to help today’s dads leave a legacy for the next generation of dads.

Jordan’s book features stories from 52 dads, including John Solheim, the C.E.O. of the family-run Arizona golf equipment manufacturing company PING; Paleo Magazine Editor in Chief, Cain Credicott; and Congressman Alan Lowenthal; Thomas Lewis, Former NFL football player for the New York Giants; Bernard Sayone of Poland, a Holocaust survivor who was interviewed by Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation; Dr. Stanley Mutunga of Kenya, Author of No Longer Forgotten, Founder of Tumaini International, an organization dedicated to working with AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children, families and communities in bringing hope so that they can live fulfilled lives, both spiritually and materially; Abdullah Akbar of Afghanistan, who assisted the CIA in one of its most complex operations.

Some insights that DADLY Wisdom offers:
• Refreshing positive image of dads as responsible, active, competent parents
• True essence of dads as nurturing, compassionate parents
• Renewed appreciation for the valuable role dads play as parents
• Valuable parenting lessons from great dad role models
• Inspiring and wise messages for all aspects of life

About the Author:

Jennifer K. Jordan is a California-based author with a passion for celebrating the spiritual in our daily lives and educating others. She has worked as a writer and teacher and holds dual Master’s Degrees in Education and School Counseling. As a huge advocate of equal parenting for dads, Jennifer spent many years searching for and interviewing the fathers of DADLY Wisdom. She now offers their powerful stories in this transformative book of love, joy, and inspiration.

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