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DADLY Dollar$: How Marketing to Dads Will Increase Revenue and Strengthen Families by Hogan Hilling


DADLY Dollar$: How Marketing to Dads Will Increase Revenue and Strengthen Families by Hogan Hilling

About The Book:

The idea of marketing to dads is as unconventional as a dad who chooses to relinquish his role as the primary breadwinner to become the primary caregiver for his family. But as the at-home dad movement has demonstrated since the birth of the National At-Home Dad Network in 1996, it has had a profound impact in the changing role of today’s modern dads who now view parenting as a shared responsibility. One of which is as the primary or part-time shopper for their families.

Since dads represent half the parenting population this book raises the following questions:
Why don’t companies view marketing to dads as an opportunity to increase revenue and potential profits?

Why do companies and advertisers continue to ignore the purchasing power of dads?

Why haven’t companies conducted extensive studies on how dads buy products and services and also how to reach and connect with dads?

Research clearly shows that the dynamics of today’s families and role of parents continue to evolve. Yet, companies and advertisers continue to use old school marketing strategies with mom as its primary target audience.

Yes, the thought of dads as a potential primary or even part-time shopper is hard to embrace as it was decades ago when companies shied away from the thought of a woman becoming the primary breadwinner. The success of women in corporate America alone should indicate the reason for a change in a company or advertiser’s marketing strategy.

DADLY Dollars will introduce companies and advertisers to a new untapped consumer – dads. It will also teach them how to reach and connect with dads, market to dads, capitalize on their purchasing power and how marketing to dads will increase their revenue, profit and brand loyalty. In addition, it will also show a company the overall benefits to the economy, families and communities.


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About The Author:

Hogan Hilling is a parent, nationally recognized and Oprah-approved author of 12 parenting books. He has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and is the creator of the "Dadly" book series and first coffee table books to feature 230 dads and moms from 14 countries. Hilling is also the founder o United We Parent f United We Parent and Dad Marketing, LLC.


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