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DADLY Dads: Parent of the 21st Century by Hogan Hilling


DADLY Dads: Parent of the 21st Century by Hogan Hilling

About The Book:

DADLY Dads is the first coffee table book designed to showcase the good nature, wisdom and value of fathers as parents. The compelling photos and content in this book will inspire conversation about the refreshing, positive images of 21st century fathers as responsible, competent, active and nurturing parents. The passionate, tender and loving candid photos combined with the genuine, eloquent and heartfelt comments from a diverse group of amazing dads all over the world represent fatherhood and masculinity at it’s best.


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About The Author:

Hogan Hilling is a parent, nationally recognized and Oprah-approved author of 12 parenting books. He has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and is the creator of the "Dadly" book series and first coffee table books to feature 230 dads and moms from 14 countries. Hilling is also the founder of United We Parent and Dad Marketing, LLC.


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