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Crawling Into the Light: A Raw, Gripping True Tale of Triumph

Crawling Into the Light: A Raw, Gripping True Tale of Triumph

Unwanted, molested, raped, beaten, addicted to heroin and prostituted, Marni wound up in prison where s

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Spencer-Devlin, Marni     Author

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  SEL000000          Self-Help : General
  SEL021000          Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational

he decided to turn her life around. Emerging to build a multi-million dollar corporation, she worked hard and lived well for almost twenty years, until she received a deadly diagnosis that again changed everything. Instead of giving up, Marni viewed her diagnosis as a gift, when near death, she received a glimpse into the true purpose of our existence which she has come to call the “Iceberg Principles.” By finding her power and her purpose she now helps others discover their own.

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