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Courage to Fight: Overcome the Pain and Struggle in Your Daily Life

Courage to Fight: Overcome the Pain and Struggle in Your Daily Life

Life’s difficulties will knock us fl at on the ground. The question is: will we stay down or will we pick ourselves
up and fight back?
Going to his first psychologist at the age of eight, William Prescott has spent a majority of his life engaged in a perpetual battle for mind and spirit. With a propensity for incessant worrying and catastrophic thoughts, anxiety attacks rendered him unable to leave his home, drive in a car, or be in public places. His susceptibility to depression has created bouts of extreme sadness, low self-worth and thoughts of suicide. Although his treatment included periods of therapy and medication, it has been his own methods that have provided the most effective and lasting help.
Courage to Fight is how Prescott, drawing from the insights and struggles of sports’ greatest coaches, fought his daily battles and severed the shackles of his mental afflictions. Interweaving his emotional and professional struggles along with these coaches’ hardships, Courage to Fight provides hope, comfort,
insight, and inspiration that can be used by anyone regarding all of life’s difficulties. Courage to Fight is not just for sports fans or people dealing with mental illness but for anyone who seeks to overcome the strife inflicted upon them.

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Prescott, William     Author

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  SEL011000          Self-Help : Depression

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