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Chief Emotional Officers by Simon casey


Chief Emotional Officers by Simon casey

About The Book:

This book is focused on helping you develop the qualities and skills you need to be a leader that are traditionally neglected in business literature. The book will help you gain a better understanding not only of leadership in general but of leadership applied to your situation and in relation to your personal characteristics. Everyone can learn leadership but learning leadership means that you need to focus on yourself first. A journey of introspection, self-awareness, and emotional engagement can help you become a more effective leader, and this book will help you take that journey in an effective manner.

Who can benefit from this book? Anyone who hopes for a position of leadership or is in a position of leadership, especially in a business context. This book will help you become a CEO or be a better CEO if that's your current position.

Anyone can be a leader. However, the journey to become a leader is not associated with the external but more with the aspects that are intrinsic to us and that we can control and change to become better.


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About The Author:

Psychologist by training, behavioral health care executive, author and internationally known speaker Dr. Simon Casey, founder of Emotional Mastery International has been transforming organizations and leaders with his unique approach that is result oriented and verifiable.
His razer sharp ability to diagnose issues and speedy implementation of required changes predicates on a healthy bottom line, staff alignment and cohesive culture, enhance employee commitment and productivity.  Over 25 years of experience in the behavioral health care field Dr. Casey opened as well as managed many centers.  provided up to date analysis and training to variety of organizations while guiding managers and CEO’s to reach their highest potential.    


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