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Category "Motivational Press Speakers"

Amy White

Amy White Health/Wellness Speaker Topics: Caregiver Self-care Caregiver Advocacy Mental Health in Teens and Young Adults Mental Wellness Spirituality Fee Range: $1001-2500 Speaker Bio: Amy White is an International Best Selling Author, Caregiver Champion and Intuitive who specializes in supporting people in life transitions with a focus on individuals who have experienced life [...]

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Edward Evarts

Edward Evarts Business Speaker Topics: How to Raise Your Visibility and Value in Your Organization and Industry Fee Range: $2501-5000 Speaker Bio: With over twenty-five years of innovative leadership and management experience, Ed possesses the ability to build awareness, create action, and deliver results. He has partnered with key [...]

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Lois Barth

Lois Barth Motivation Speaker Topics: Courage to SPARKLE; Creating A Life that Lights You Up Stress Less...SPARKLE More You're Not Falling Apart; You're Breaking Open-Using Change to Reboot and Re-Energize Your Life Fee Range: $5001-10000 Speaker Bio: Lois Barth is a Human Development Expert, Motivational Humorist and Coach. She was the [...]

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Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia

Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia Inspirational Speaker Topics: Leadership Strategies Personal Development Team Building Success Growth Fee Range: $1001-2500 Speaker Bio: With over three decades of proven actions and activities that have added value to organizations and ultimately to prospects and clients to succeed beyond expectations. His leadership and team building strategies have been [...]

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Alli Mang

Alli Mang MotivationSpeaker Topics: A) HAVE YOU GOT YOUR GAME FACE ON? There are no second chances to make a first impression and this presenta┬Čtion will help all participants to bring their A-Game every single time they have to [...]

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