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THE RISE OF FEMALE CEOS by Simon Casey Globally, only about 9 percent of managing directors and CEOs are women and just about 5 percent of US fortune 500 companies are run by women. For over 40 years, women [...]

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Profile of a Dysfunctional CEO by Simon Casey

Profile of a Dysfunctional CEO by Simon Casey The position of CEO requires an individual that embodies the characteristics of a true leader. Leaders of businesses or companies must continuously aim to motivate and inspire others, demonstrate good values [...]

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The Power of Plank by Kama Linden

The Power of Plank by Kama Linden This article was originally posted on: See above link for photos. Many people will go to the gym in hopes of “looking” better. Although we all want to be [...]

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5 Tips For Writing Non-Fiction Books

5 Tips For Writing Non-Fiction Books Non-fiction is a very specific kind of writing genre, and that means there are some hard and fast rules that you need to take into account if you’re considering writing in this field. The [...]

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Love Is A Verb by Carl Studna

Love Is A Verb by Carl Studna When you come across a truly happy couple – you know, the kind that laughs easily, touches one another often, and whose every interaction seems effortless and free-flowing – it would be easy to [...]

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