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Category "Self-Help"

Total Zero to Professional Hero by Darren Bocksnick

  Total Zero to Professional Hero by Darren Bocksnick About The Book: Total Zero to Professional Hero is an empowering book that awakens the reader to realizing his/her own potential through discovering the "hero" within...   The book educates the reader on the importance of branding, personal/professional [...]

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Score Your Soulmate by Lisa Hayes

  Score Your Soulmate by Lisa Hayes About The Book: Score Your Soulmate is a by the numbers field guide that works a formula for finding great love. This book takes you through your past experiences in a way that makes them empowering. Then you [...]

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Innovative Leadership by Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia

  Innovative Leadership by Akpowene Jude Kakpovbia About The Book: The book offers an opportunity to uncover our strengths with the highest principles in Leadership Strategies, Team Building, Team Success, Team Growth and Personal Development. It is designed to inspire action through purpose, values, vision and develop [...]

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DADLY Wisdom by Jennifer Jordan

  DADLY Wisdom by Jennifer Jordan About The Book: DADLY Wisdom is a treasured collection of inspirational stories from dads around the world who represent humanity at its best. Their perspective on raising children, the challenges and joys of fatherhood, and the wisdom they have forged will [...]

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It’s A Noisy, Noisy World by Denice Hartmann-Manfredi

  It's A Noisy, Noisy World by Denice Hartmann-Manfredi About The Book: It’s A Noisy, Noisy World provides a remarkable journey of hope and inspiration with living life despite managing adversity with her extraordinary struggles and personal experiences as a hearing impaired child and the death [...]

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