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Category "Books"

I, Bully by Roy Dimond

  I, Bully by Roy Dimond About The Book: I, Bully addresses the serious issue of cyber bullying. What makes this story unique is that it is told from the perspective of both the bully and the victim. The [...]

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The Innovators by Pete Winiarski

  The Innovators by Pete Winiarski About The Book: Lead your company—and your industry—with new insights, strategies and tactics that go beyond evolution to Business Revolution. In this cutting-edge compendium, today’s frontline consultants reveal the latest levels of Leadership, [...]

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The Ultimate Game Plan by Terri Levine

  The Ultimate Game Plan by Terri Levine About The Book: If you are a current or future consultant, The Ultimate Game Plan is THE go-to resource for you to: Optimize your consulting model Deliver greater impact for your clients [...]

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Elite Business Systems by Terri Levine

  Elite Business Systems by Terri Levine About The Book: Elite Business Systems: Insider Strategies Of Industry Leading Consultants combine the wisdom of top business consultants. They bring tremendous depth and value and share their wisdom as a way to [...]

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[]The Isolate /n./ by Rick Jetter

  The Isolate /n./ by Rick Jetter About The Book: Novel--Grades 4-8--Bullying, Autism, Suspense Most of the 6th graders at Washington Middle School call Cameron Elliot "Cam-Moron" because he pukes in public, scratches his skin until it bleeds, and [...]

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