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Category "Books"

Revolution America by Erin Cruz

  Revolution America by Erin Cruz About The Book: Today’s conservative woman leads the revolution of modern conservatism on multiple fronts and is faced with situational dynamics that are unprecedented. The current divided political climate in America demands a savvy, [...]

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Meta-Trends and the Next economy by Mark Parrott

  Meta-Trends and the Next economy by Mark Parrott About The Book: Know the Knowable Future Meta-Trends and the Next Economy utilizes demographics to forecast the health of every economy/industry in the world. Meta-Trends allows you to know the [...]

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Every Girl Can Be SMART by Yasmin Anderson-Smith

  Every Girl Can Be SMART by Yasmin Anderson-Smith About The Book: The Teen Girls’ Guide to Being SMART is a handbook for pre-teen and adolescent girls to discover how to be socially Savvy, Motivated, Assertive, Respected and Trusted [...]

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