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Category "Motivational"

The Mango Girl by Ava Eagle Brown

  The Mango Girl by Ava Eagle Brown About The Book: Growing up being abused by her father, deemed unworthy of the love of her mother, ashamed of your upbringing, living in an environment that few survive, and no [...]

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Every Girl Can Be SMART by Yasmin Anderson-Smith

  Every Girl Can Be SMART by Yasmin Anderson-Smith About The Book: The Teen Girls’ Guide to Being SMART is a handbook for pre-teen and adolescent girls to discover how to be socially Savvy, Motivated, Assertive, Respected and Trusted [...]

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The Trophy Effect by Michael Nitti

  The Trophy Effect by Michael Nitti About The Book: "The Trophy Effect" is the name of a very powerful sub-conscious force that causes human beings to focus on their shortcomings (what's wrong) rather than on the positive aspects of [...]

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The Money Room by Michelle Brady

  The Money Room by Michelle Brady About The Book: Michelle Brady has been renting for decades and will teach you how! If you’ve thought about renting rooms in your home have you also thought about advertising, screening, leases, [...]

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