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Category "Business"

The Inventor’s Roadmap to Success by Carmine Denisco

  The Inventor’s Roadmap to Success by Carmine Denisco About The Book: This book was written to help clear up the many myths and mis-conceptions that currently exist within the invention industry. Inventors, entrepreneurs, and product developers are tasked with [...]

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Lean Business Planning by Tim Berry

  Lean Business Planning by Tim Berry About The Book: Lean business planning simple but powerful way to get what you want from your business. Get focused, grow faster, and adjust to change. A lean business plan is an [...]

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Big Game Bigger Impact by Pat Gallagher

  Big Game Bigger Impact by Pat Gallagher About The Book: In 2014, a small team of San Francisco Bay Area residents was assembled to work on what would be the biggest Super Bowl the NFL had ever staged - [...]

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Honest Negotiation by Keld Jensen

  Honest Negotiation by Keld Jensen About The Book: Negotiate your way to success It has been estimated that today, the cost of negotiating the average B2B contract is $16,800. In larger corporations, the annual costs of contract negotiation [...]

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Gamification for Business by Lewis Harrison

  Gamification for Business by Lewis Harrison About The Book: Gamification is a general term describing the application of game based thinking, game design techniques, and game mechanics to virtually anything. Lewis Harrison, known as the RealUGuru is the creator [...]

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