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Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback ~ Your Guide to Raising the Bar When Dating ~ by Rachel Fiori

Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback ~ Your Guide to Raising the Bar When Dating ~ by Rachel Fiori

It’s a well-known fact that a person is happier and literally healthier when they are in a loving relationship. A strong bond, loving support, and good camaraderie help people to thrive in all areas of their lives. Everyone wants to be loved. So why do so many people settle for the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating and relationships?!

It’s time to STOP SETTLING! Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback ~ Your Guide to Raising the Bar When Dating ~ will help you to do just that. This book is here to show you that while there might be plenty of fish in the sea, you’ve got to know if you’ve reeled in a catch or a throw back!

Have you snagged one of these Throw Backs?

A cheater? Then you’re dating a Slippery Dick. A closet gay? Then you’re swimming with a Rainbow Fish. Tired of those spineless momma’s boys? Then dump those Jelly Fish! A Puffer Fish’s number one priority will never be you over getting high. The Penis Fish is the Throw Back that generously shared his STD with you. And the list of

​​ Throw Backs goes on and on!

This book profiles these dating undesirables to help you identify loser behavior and empower you to cut the line! It’s time to raise the bar when dating and only YOU can do that for yourself. The longer you’re with a Throw Back the longer it will take to meet the greatest catch of your life: A BIG TUNA for the ladies and an ANGEL FISH for the gents.

“Catch & Release” doesn’t just guide you from choppy dating waters to smooth sailing. It offers personal stories from real people who have dated each type of Throw Back. You will not only be able to relate to these brave souls’ stories, but you’ll be empowered to self-reflect, stop dating throw backs, and get on your path to finding a wonderful partner.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this book of humor and wisdom and start reading immediately! But be warned. Potential side effects may result from your experience with this book: 1) Your jaw may get sore from dropping, 2) Your eyes may actually pop out of your head, 3) Your stomach may hurt from laughing, 4) This book is slippery when wet, 5) You may become empowered, 6) Soon after finishing the book you may find your soul mate.

Cheers to you and raising the bar in your dating life!!

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