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Carmel Rivello-Maguire

Carmel Rivello-Maguire

Inspirational Speaker


What you put into your "Life Sauce" makes all the difference; Laughter is the shortest distance betweren two Souls; Overcoming violence to become a woman who loves herself;I have "Chrolological Credibility "…been there, done that!Using the metaphor of cooking in my NY Italian family's kitchen, I take the audience on a journey with stories of adversity and triumph,heartbreak and unconditional love.The will be deeply moved and inspired as they discover: How to look for the gift in the disfunction.How to find strength from early childhood trauma.

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Hip,happening Grandmother, children's book author Carmel Rivello-Maguire,connects the head with the heart in all her writings. A speaker and humorist,who writes with passion and love for family and especailly children. She is a much sought-after speaker to women's groups,enjoys doing voice-overs and presents to many Twelve-Step Recovery groups.Her childeren and grandchildren are her greatest treasures.A graduate of Cal lutheran University,continuing her education after 48 years,having left her home and beginning college with a 4 year scholarship ,due to her home violence.World traveled,she speaks several languages,engaging with people in their native young,sharing their cultures and food. Her humor enlivens her talks and her recent presentation to the National Association of Professional Women,the day of her final chemo infusion, made the audience give her a standing ovation!She lives in Ojai,CA.,planting and enjoying the food from  her garden. Swimming daily in her pool encourages this 81 year old "Mammacarm" to remain fit and joyous!

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"A beautiful written children's book,comforting in nature,but will primarily herald the welcoming of all cosmic races contained in thei wonderous universe"~Paola Leopizzi Harris,photojournalist.


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