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It WAS Rocket Science by Tom Taormina

It WAS Rocket Science by Tom

About The Book:

There is an insatiable appetite in our business world and in our
thinking population for an approach to returning America to the greatness
envisioned by our founders. The solution we are all grasping for was provided by
Project Apollo more than 4 decades ago.

Project Apollo was the most successful human endeavor in mankind’s history.
This book is based on real-life lessons from the author’s 14 years working at
Mission Control, Houston, and 40+ years consulting with more than 600 companies

The Apollo Business Model shatters the limitations inherent in conventional
business models – models proven ineffective in our predatory global economy.
It WAS Rocket Science provides the teachable model for accomplishing the
reader’s impossible dreams.


About The

Tom Taormina owns a rare talent for
precision problem diagnosis, strategic thinking and outstanding written and
verbal communications skills.
He is a 20+ year management consultant for companies such as Dell Computer, Ford
and Burlington Northern Railroad.
For the last decade, that experience has been uniquely enhanced from his work as
an expert witness in products liability and organizational negligence.
Tom was a member of the Apollo 13 disaster recovery team. That life-changing
event, plus his extensive industry experiences, created the foundation for his
first 11 books on quality and business process management.
His work now is to bring the lessons from Project Apollo to enlightened business
leaders who are looking for the solution to our current downward spiral toward
mediocrity and societal decay.



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