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Motivational Press Announces the Release of Do Due Diligence by Greg Hartmann

Greg Hartmann is pround to announce the release of the book Do Due
Diligence – Cutting through the crap in Network Marketing, to be released by
Motivational Press. Greg Hartmann finds inspiration from years of
experience as a field distributor and top earner..

In the words of Mark Yarnell, “If you or someone you care about
is contemplating entrance into the profession of network marketing, Greg’s
book will be an invaluable tool. This book is a must read for anyone interested
in selecting a viable company. I believe Greg tells the whole truth and nothing
but the truth in this informative book. I encourage you to read it carefully and
recommend it to others.”

In an engaging interview, Greg Hartmann can discuss:

9am to 6pm Eastern time almost any day with 24 to 48 hours advanced

Ray W. Grimm Jr. said, “Greg’s book is a must read for anyone who is new to
our industry and making a career decision. Take the time to read this book
before taking the plunge! It will be the best investment you have ever

Network Marketing is one of the hottest, fastest, growing businesses of our
time. It is also one of the most misunderstood. This book will allow you to make
a sound, fact-based evaluation of the Network Marketing profession and the
companies you may be considering getting involved with. I hope to help you avoid
the heartache and financial frustration of jumping in and learning the hard

To schedule an interview with Greg Hartmann, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Greg Hartmann brings a rare and unique
perspective to Entrepreneurship, Home Business and Network Marketing. His
formal education as a mechanical engineer gives him analytical skills and a
thought process to methodically take apart these types of businesses and present
them in a way to the average person that they can quickly become an expert.
Greg has 20 years of experience as a field distributor and top earner having
built a distributor organization of over 15,000 people. Greg also spent 17 of
the last 20 years heavily immersed in personal development and personal
transformation which you will see is a key ingredient to being successful in any
business. Greg spent the last 7 years travelling the globe delivering personal
transformation programs to many different people and cultures and was translated
into multiple languages. The programs he led trained people in the distinctions
of integrity, straight talk, keeping your promises, being unreasonable and being
unstoppable. This gives him a unique perspective to both evaluate these types
of businesses and translate it to you in a way that you will be empowered and
enabled to powerfully choose whether to pursue a business like this or not. He
is committed to empower you to clearly see what it really takes to be successful
so you will go to work with your eyes wide open, clear about the actions you
must take. While this will not guarantee your success, you will not be left
with any unfulfilled expectations and you will be empowered and responsible for
the choices you made rather that blaming your sponsor, the company or the
industry as so many that have come before you have done.


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