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Motivational Press Announces the Release of Silent Scandal by Brittney Kara

Brittney Kara is pround to announce the release of the book The Silent
Scandal: Stop The Toxic Attack On Our Bodies, to be released by Motivational
Press. Brittney Kara finds inspiration from The downward spiral of
American health and the corrupt food and healthcare industries is the source of
inspiration for this book and all of Brittney’s work. As a Mother it is her
mission to teach others about the effects of toxicity on the body and how
together we can call for social and political change to protect our families and
future generations. Children are growing up in a society that is teaching them
to eat foods that are literally killing them and making them sick. People have a
right to know what they are eating and if there are Genetically Modified
ingredients present. Right now that right has been taken away from us. The
Silent Scandal is about how we take our power back as individuals so that we can
live healthy, happy, and prosperous lives. .

In the words of  Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™, founder of
the Kick Cancer In The Can™,
“With a solid background in biochemistry, research and human nutrition, I’m not
easily impressed with most books out there today! The Silent Scandal is
definitely an exception. Apart from Brittney’s unstoppable passion for her
subject, and deep heartfelt compassion for humanity, she provides a tremendous
wealth of supporting, well-documented research to back up every tenet she
addresses in this easy to read guide to optimum health. I will definitely
recommend this book to all of my patients.”

In an engaging interview, Brittney Kara can discuss:

Genetically Modified Foods
NLP and Hypnotherapy
Intuitive Healing
Healthy pregnancies and children
The power of a plant based lifestyle

An in depth look into the American Health Crisis and what you can do right
now to become educated, empowered, and healthy! Learn the hidden secrets of true
health and how you can protect your family and children from toxic exposure.
Discover ways to reach all your health goals and learn how to properly detoxify
your body and life on all levels.

To schedule an interview with Brittney Kara, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Brittney Kara is a Certified Master NLP
Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Wellness and Nutrition Coach. She is the mother of
two young daughters who are her inspiration for all her work. Her mission is to
inspire people to take control of their health, search for truth, live life with
passion, and discover the greatness within them.


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