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Building Your Business in the new Digital Reality by Lewis Harrison

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Building Your Business in the new
Digital Reality by Lewis Harrison

About The Book:

The world of technology is progressing at a speed that few ever
imagined. Technology and the movement of information; through interactive mass
media and demands in the marketplace; has created numerous technological
advances and changed the world more in the last 130 years than in the previous
2000 years.
Now, the saying, “life imitates art” is no longer just a cute cliché. How
many young people have become astronauts because they watched Star Trek on a
13-inch black and white television?
How many philosophers began their radical way of thinking by watching The
Twilight Zone, and how many primatologists had their passions ignited by the
Planet of the Apes movies?
Everything about the world we live in is being affected and influenced by
If you are a business person and have not yet begun the journey of integrating
technology into your business, you are likely going to be left in the dust.
Maybe you think you can work your way around it? That’s what many different
companies in many different industries thought when George Washington Carver,
Thomas Edison, George Goodyear and many other visionary inventors of the day
introduced innovation in existing technologies, as well as new inventions.
The purpose of this book is to help get you started. I am not a communication
technology genius. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I am usually the last guy
on the block to embrace new technologies. I have learned from my mistakes.
In this book I am going to take you by the hand, as I have been taken by the
hand, inch by inch and step by step, pixel by pixel, and I will lead you from
the darkness into the light of what new technologies can do to make your
business and your life more effective, productive and financially successful.
Once you understand how this works, I will give you the resources necessary to
get to the next level.

In this book, you will learn simple ways to integrate the transformative power
of communication and other key technologies into your business and into your
life. This will not require much effort, only a new way of thinking. I promise
you that this will be a motivating, inspiring, informative and fun process.


About The

Lewis Harrison is a bestselling author,
copywriter, futurist,  information entrepreneur, content-rich motivational
speaker, NPR affiliated radio talk show host and the creator of a
website that uses gamification based strategies to create small business

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