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Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything by Paula Morand


Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything by Paula Morand

About The Book:

Bold Courage, the 12th book by entrepreneur, motivational speaker and rockstar mentor Paula Morand, is a passionate reminder that we all have within us the energy, time and skill to be a game-changer. Combining the author’s riveting personal life story with her creative tool-kit for expansion of the self and spirit, it assures all of us that we can create lasting changes in our lives and be happy and satisfied without abandoning the essence of who we are. If we take life’s journey boldly, we can overcome the doubts and insecurities that threaten to keep us from owning our own awesome.


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About The Author:

Paula Morand is a seasoned business woman, who in launching her first corporation at the age of 26 and subsequently selling that company by the age of 30, has continued for the past 20 years investing in building companies that increase human potential through consulting, coaching and training. As Founder of Paula Morand Enterprises Inc. her current company works internationally to increase human potential and help businesses grow. The company prides itself on developing innovative and creative programs and services that foster building community capacity and individual growth. Her passion for people, process and potential has allowed Morand to evolve and innovate new ways to impact and move individuals, organizations and communities forward.

She has worked extensively with government, not-for-profit, enterprise agencies and many business communities throughout the globe. Her solid reputation continues to be furthered with her expertise in brand development, strategic visioning and professional speaking.

Paula Morand is a leadership building, revenue boosting, strategy expanding keynote speaker, author and visionary. This dreaming big and being bold expert brings her vibrant energy, humor and wisdom to ignite individuals, organizations and communities to lead change, growth and impact in a more bold fashion.  23 years, 25,000 clients, 19 countries, 15 books, Former radio personality, 10x award winning entrepreneur and humorous emcee.


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