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Blue Highway Warriors by Donald Child


Blue Highway Warriors by Donald Child
About The Book:

A Vietnam  vet wanted to celebrate his 70th birthday in style.
What he didn't plan on was joining ab group of strangers, three teenagers
and a retired OR nurse, to form a Scout Venturing Crew. Their “Bike Trip
America” odyssey became a celebration of life as they bicycled from the
boys' home near the mouth of the Columbia River to the shadows of the World
Trade Center. Their journey and adventures were dedicated to America's
wounded warriors, and connected them with a broad spectrum of American


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About The Author:

Donald “Doc” Child was an infantry
medic with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. After retiring from a career
as a technical writer, he found an opportunity to complete the top item on his
“sprocket” list … a bicycle trip across America to celebrate his
70th birthday. He makes his home in Hawaii, where he is actively involved in the
Hawaii Bicycling League as a certified bicycle instructor and as an advocate for
cycling as a form of sustainable transportation. He is living his dream, which
includes a keen interest in dream work and conscious living. He has an MA in
Creative Writing from Antioch University, and a Ph.D. in Natural Healing from
Clayton College.


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