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Spiritual DNA – Being You.

Spiritual DNA – the Power Of Being You

Everyone has stuff that they are good at.  The trouble is that most of us don’t value those things that come easily to us. But what if there was a reason for those talents? What if that stuff is the reason we exist – to share and let it shine?


The difference between the winners of this world and the rest of us is that they are doing the things at which they are best. That’s how come they shine so brightly. The rest of us are trying to make ourselves fit into existing structures whether those fit or not. In order to shine we have to figure out what makes us tick. We have to figure out the blueprint of our strengths and weakness. We have to decode our spiritual DNA.





We all have physical DNA – that much we know. It’s the code for our physical characteristics. It describes the way we look and our physical abilities.


In the same vein the spiritual DNA encompasses our invisible characteristics – our gifts, talents, capacities, propensities, likes and dislikes. The spiritual DNA contains the code for the tools of our destiny – the reason we exist.


We would never match somebody up with a job for which they are not physically suited. For example, I am a woman. I’m pretty athletic, in fairly good shape but still; I would never try to be a football player with the Oakland. I’m tall but that’s where it ends. Nobody would even consider me for the job because it’s clear I wouldn’t survive my first tackle.


Little Boxes Hurt


This may be an extreme example but seen in that light it doesn’t make any more sense to match somebody to a job for which their invisible qualities are not suited for. Languishing in a job for which we are not suited is horrible.


You cannot fight Mother Nature. We can’t squeeze ourselves into little boxes without creating tremendous pressure. Eventually this causes depression, which is the result of suppressing our natural qualities. It causes pain – and that is the root of all addictions. Whether food, alcohol, drugs and even cigarettes – all addictions begin as an attempt to alleviate inner pain. (The addictive behavior then causes a whole new set of problems, which adds to the pain and becomes a vicious cycle.)


The only way to transcend those problems and stop the pain is to decode the spiritual DNA.  It’s not an option; it is a necessity if we expect to find any kind of lasting happiness in life.



Connecting The Dots


The answers are not found in our physical self; they are found in our consciousness.  We must learn to make contact with the invisible and non-dimensional part of us. The way to connect to our innermost self is through meditation.


Meditation doesn’t have to be a big production. We don’t have to become Buddha under the Bodhi tree. It simply means taking a little time each day to check in and listen to what the inner voice is telling us. This is not drudgery; actually it is a great relief focus on those things we love the most. Honoring that part of us brings us into alignment with who we really are.


When we figure out what makes us tick we can take our part in the natural order of things. We become empowered, fearless and going for our dreams is suddenly not an option. It feels really good. Ultimately, this is the only way to find authentic alignment and true happiness.


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Written by Justin