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Better Living through Right Thinking by ULRIKE (don’t use)


Better Living through Right Thinking by ULRIKE (don’t use)

About The Book:

If you are reading these pages, you most likely have grasped the fact that the wonderful quality of a positive mind has changed many people’s lives. More and more individuals have come to the realization that negativity begets more negativity. They have seen the effects a more positive outlook has on their immediate world. Every day, in this Earthly life, there are ups and downs, deep emotional valleys, and steep mountains to overcome. Our lives do not have to be so unpleasant and painful. We actually have the power to change and heal from within.

However, we are only at the beginning of this understanding of Truth. We still veer off the path we travel at times and we continue to make lesser choices. Not because we are bad, but because we don’t know any better. However, the time has come that we cannot use this excuse any more. It is time to grow and unfold to a more spiritual level of awareness.

I can assure you, there is a higher level available and obtainable to our thought process, a view that allows us to keep moving upward in the scale of being. It is called Right Thinking; or thinking according to Universal Law.

In this book I have strived to explain these Universal Laws and not only what Right Thinking consists of, but also described how to think correctly and clarified the application thereof.

My personal, ultimate goal is to reach perfect Understanding of the Allness of Good, which already exists within each and every one of us. I sincerely hope you will take this thought process and benefit from it as I have done over many years. Whatever your goals in life are, I wish you the best in your endeavors. May the ever-present Almighty Power guide and protect you.

With Love,


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About The Author:

Born in Salzburg, Austria, ULRIKE worked in the Music Industry as a promoter, singer & tour manager in Germany, Switzerland and England, before coming to Los Angeles in 1981 for a vacation. She fell in love with the diverse culture and arts that Los Angeles has to offer and decided to stay.  

ULRIKE began a career in Entertainment Events in 1992 at a major Hollywood Studio, a position that would span nearly 20 years in the world of motion pictures and television.

Personally, during this period, she continued her intense studies, teaching and writing about her passion – her metaphysical findings. In 2011 she knew the time was right to begin her new venture as a full time metaphysical writer. She has published 5 books and over 80 articles. She also teaches motivational life-style workshops, enjoys the creation and exhibitions of her paintings, and is involved in several City and Community projects in Palm Springs.


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