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Behind The Scenes with Wayne Sharer

Take a Look Behind the Curtain with Wayne Sharer, Author of RepFluence Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Owner’s Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your Online Reputation for Clients and Sales

About Wayne Sharer:

Q. What are your previous occupations?
A. US Navy

Q. What was your favorite job?
A. Being a value adder.  Possibly my most satisfying was being the commanding officer of a carrier based navy aviation squadron.

Q. What Highschool and/or College did you attend?
A. Wheaton High School, Tulane University

Q. Who is your favorite author?
A. I’ve read hundreds of books, rarely read fiction.  Don’t necessarily choose any particular author.  I seek subject matter.

Q. Who is your favorite recording artist or song?
A. Sorry, I don’t use music to be inspired

Q. What is your favorite Movie or TV Show?
A. Any musical from pre-1960, TV Show – Dr. Who, Stargate SG-1

Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes

Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?
A. Ice Cream or Pizza anytime

Q. Who is your greatest role model?
A. Abraham Lincoln – sorry it’s not someone living.  Perhaps my dad as well, though he’s gone, too.

Q. How do you define success?
A. Achieving what you want in life by adding value to others.  This is not a monetary thing as speakers, and motivational people suggest.  Money is great, but hand me a pile of money without me adding value, I will be happy for a moment, but not satisfied in the long run.

Q. What is the secret to your success?
A. Never quitting and always seeking to be providing good for others.  There's much more, but the one thing stopping success for nearly all isn't failure, it is quitting.

Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A. Anywhere with my wife.

Q. What’s your kryptonite?
A. My severe anxiety.  It can stop me dead in an instant when I let it.

Q. What historical figure do you most relate to?
A. Abraham Lincoln

Q. What is your biggest regret?
A. Don’t regret things.  I’m sorry some things happened, but living with regret does not build a future. I must focus on what I can change and affect, not what I cannot.

Q. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
A. Owning a business to help others

Q. What is your best advise to people whom look up to you and your success?
A. Your motivation is within.  Others can inspire you to do like they do, but only you can maintain the motivation.  Your mind is your most powerful tool.  Use it to motivate to achieve.


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