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Behind The Scenes with Mark Baird

Take a Look Behind the Curtain with Mark Baird,
Author of The Patriotic Business Plan

About Mark Baird:

Q. What are your
previous occupations?
A. Business owner, school teacher, sales, pastor

Q. What was your favorite job?
A. school teacher

What Highschool and/or College did you attend?
A. Vanguard U

Q. Who is your favorite author?
A. Thomas Wolfe

Q. Who is
your favorite recording artist or song?
A. How Great Thou Art!

Q. What is your favorite Movie or TV Show?
A. Dr. Zhivago

Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes

Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?
A. Girl Scout

Q. Who is your greatest role model?
A. Jesus Christ

Q. How do you define success?
A. Happiness and contentment.

Q. What is the secret to your success?
A. A wife who loves me.

Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A. Northern California

Q. What’s your kryptonite?
Yelling at me.

Q. What historical figure do you most relate to?
A. Daniel Boone

Q. What is your biggest regret?
A. My
wasted youth

Q. What do you consider to be your greatest
A. The Patriotic Business Plan

Q. What is
your best advise to people whom look up to you and your success?
A. Seek
the Lord and then do his will.

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