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Behind the Golden Door: The Resilience of Today’s Immigrants by Theresa del Tufo


Behind the Golden Door: The Resilience of Today’s Immigrants by Theresa del Tufo

About The Book:

How do immigrants navigate the stormy waters of the American Society?  What qualities or traits can they model and adopt to enable them to achieve their version of the American Dream? Set against the turmoil (i.e., rampant and open racism, sexism and xenophobia) that is plaguing today’s society, Behind the Golden Door chronicles the real-life struggles and triumphs of immigrants to this country. It explores the conflicting beliefs and values of the American National Character and the potential reasons for this confusing tension between what Americans say and think and how they behave.

The book profiles the collective voices of immigrants—how they were able to face and overcome the challenges of life in America, how they shaped their version of the good life and how they flourished, despite the deceiving and conflicting messages of a society that values some but not all of its people.

The insights and wisdom of ordinary immigrants offer powerful guidelines for action for others who are going through a similar experience. The authors examined and analyzed their diverse stories and personal legends, then sifted through their inspiring narratives to find the golden nuggets that accounted for their success. They then developed a replicable framework that could be adopted by any immigrant attempting to survive the cleavages of race, religion, gender, economic and political power in America.


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About The Author:

Dr. Theresa del Tufo

Dr. Theresa del Tufo is a community leader, an educator, an organizational consultant, and a technical and motivational writer. She is currently the CEO, principal consultant, and researcher at Del Tufo Consulting, LLC, and is the Assistant Director for an organization serving people with disabilities. Her recent book, The Fullness of Nothing: Discover the Hidden Joy that Surrounds You (2015), profiled the lives of people with disabilities, who have managed to lead successful and happy lives despite the daily challenges in their lives. She is the author of the book SoloPower: How to Harness the Secret Energy of Living Alone (2014) that explored the happiness, challenges and transition stages of solo living. She is also the co-author of a technical publication on organizational excellence, The Measure of Library Excellence Linking the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria and the Balanced Scorecard to Assess Service Quality (2008).

Tes is a first generation immigrant from the Philippines. As a child, she survived the ravages of war during the Japanese occupation of the country. Her family had to escape to the mountains since her father was wanted for publishing anti-Japanese propaganda. As a young bride and immigrant, she had no family to support her after the untimely death of her husband. As a single parent, she raised two young sons and put them through college, while working on her doctoral degree and holding a full time job. Out of the struggle, darkness, and loss in her earlier life emerged strength of character, light, and a deeper appreciation of the inherent goodness of life.

In March of 2009, Tes was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Delaware Women by Governor Jack Markell. The award is the most prestigious recognition bestowed on Delaware women for lifetime achievement and outstanding accomplishments. She is the recipient of many other awards, including an Outstanding Service Award from the Developmental Disability Council and the Women’s Vocational Services. She was also recognized in 2009 and 2012 as one of the Top 100 Business Entrepreneurs in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.


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