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Be kind to yourself. It does make a difference! with Motivational Press Author Sharon Bradshaw


kind to yourself. It does make a difference!

Bradshaw is an Author and Solicitor who is an expert in personal growth and
development; the motivation and inspiration we need to succeed. The Monk who
Cast a Spell is her 1st historical novel published by Motivational Press. She is
writing book 2 in the Iona Trilogy.

Bring Sharon Bradshaw on your show and your listeners
will hear Sharon Bradshaw talking about the importance of change, and the
inspirational effect which kindness can have on success.

“I want to share with you the skills and tips you will need to achieve your
goals. The same principles apply whether you want to lose weight, change your
job, move house or anything else. I will be talking about getting over the fear
of change; how to find the motivation to go ahead with your plans; take the
first important step, and believe that you can become the person you have always
wanted to be.

I was a Solicitor for over 30 years before I changed direction to become a
historical novelist. I left University in 1979 with a law degree, and have
represented clients from all walks of life in accident claims, recovering
damages for their injuries and losses. I persuaded myself that I couldn’t be a
historical fiction author and a lawyer at the same time, but life can change! I
took a career break in 2012. I began to help my Son with his first business, and
I found a way of giving myself the permission to write. I have always loved
history and books! I made a plan based on what I wanted to achieve. I followed
the schedule I made, writing seriously every day. I also began to exercise more,
and ate sensibly. I lost weight. I took better care of myself to stand the best
chance possible of being successful in reaching my goal.

I knew that people respond well to kindness, but it was a surprise when I
discovered that I did too! I was doing something which wasn’t easy. This was
my first novel, and there were a few days when I didn’t finish writing the
word count I had set myself, but it wasn’t a reason to give up or think I had
failed. I looked back then at what I had already achieved, the words I had
written. I asked myself why I hadn’t been able to do the same that day; what I
could do about it, and when I would be back on track.  

And the alchemy of kindness does work! The Monk who Cast a Spell was published
on 16th March by Motivational Press. Here’s the Amazon link:

Join me now in the journey! I’m writing Book 2, have more changes in mind to
make, goals to successfully achieve, and your life can change too. Let me help
you begin!”

schedule an interview with Sharon Bradshaw, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or

Bradshaw’s Website:


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