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Be As Good As You Think You Are        re by J. Robert and Eileen M. Parkinson


Be As Good As You Think You Are        re by J. Robert and Eileen M. Parkinson

About The Book:

                                        BOOK RELEASE    

      Bob and Eileen Parkinson are pleased to announce the publication of
  their new book:
     Published by Motivational Press

Many people in business, academia, government and social and civic organizations overestimate their communication abilities and the impact they have on others. This book combines a perspective of reality with fun and practical behaviors.
“Be As Good As You Think You Are” is an exploration of a wide variety of experiences, skills, and techniques that will guide readers in developing strong behaviors that form and strengthen their personal professional presence.
It is filled with stories and examples collected and developed during many years explaining what works and how to personalize those concepts.
It isn’t a “How to” book, but rather a “Here’s what” book, and it covers a broad range of topics and activities including Platform Presentations, Business Writing, Customer Service, Selling Techniques, Managing Others, and Productive Interviews (from both sides of the table).
Practical. Effective. Fun          A great combination

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About The Author:

J. Robert Parkinson

For two decades J. Robert Parkinson, Ph.D., was a member of the faculty of Northwestern University, Department of Radio, Television, Film. He was Dean of the Institute for Research at National Lewis University, and Director of Educational Research for Bell and Howell.
He is the author of numerous articles and has authored twelve books.  In addition, he has been a consultant and coach in effective communications for professional associations, government agencies, and private industry.
He was host of the award-winning weekly radio program “A Point Well Taken” and a television program series, “For Your Consideration.” Both originating in Chicago.
He currently writes a weekly newspaper column, “Show and Tell” for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, focusing on business communications.

Eileen M. Parkinson

Eileen M. Parkinson has more than twenty years of hands-on experience in the field of
communications. She has worked extensively as a news anchor, documentary producer, and broadcast announcer, as well as a freelance spokesperson for a wide variety of US companies.
Her consulting and personal coaching experience cover presentation and writing skills, media interview skills, as well as skills for effective performance within organizations in the US and Internationally.
In addition to extensive study in theater and vocal music, her academic credentials include a degree in Behavioral Science.
With her husband, Bob, she has written, hosted, and produced documentaries for TV and corporate clients.


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