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Attracting Miracles and My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach by Gregory Downey


Attracting Miracles and My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach by Gregory
About The Book:

he night my father stopped his truck on the side of Highway 1 in
Bodega Bay, then in a drunken drug fueled rage, put his gun to the side of my
head, was not the first time I feared he might actually kill me. But it was the
first time that I truly accepted that maybe no one really did care about me.
That no one would stop to give me a ride and that no one could see that I was
hurting, made his words true; every last one of them. “No one gives a sh*t
about you.” “You’re a f**king worthless piece of sh*t.” “You don’t
live here – you’re just visiting.” “I’ll take you out back and shoot
you and bury you.” “You’ll never amount to anything.”

“I walked nearly 25 miles that night from Bodega Bay to Santa Rosa on my
way to El Verano. All of the walking, silence, loneliness, and the hurting drove
the emotional nails even deeper into my coffin of limiting beliefs. At the time
I was just 15 years old. In reality, I should have been dead that night, but by
nothing short of a miracle, before age 35, I would become a Top member of the
Jack Canfield Success Principles Team and eventually go on to be a leader in the
Personal Development Coaching industry changing thousands of lives world-wide by
teaching the key steps to attracting miracles.”

Attracting Miracles and My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach is the real, raw, and
riveting story of Gregory Downey’s victorious journey from a battered and
abused childhood as he uncovers the 5 key Steps to mastering The Law of
Attraction, learns to attract miracles into his life, and then reveals to the
reader step by step how to attract miracles in to their own life.

This book Will Help you To:

– Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

– Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs

– Create New and Lasting Empowering Beliefs

– Come To Believe That Miracles Are Real

– Attract Miracles Into Your Life

At 132 easy to read pages, readers will be inspired and motivated to overcome
their own limiting beliefs and create the life they truly deserve. This is Rudy
meets The Secret.


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and My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach

About The Author:

Gregory Downey is a successful high
performance mindset and belief breakthrough coach. He coaches clients for a
number of distinguished partners including Achieve Today, Dr. Joe Vitale,
Nightingale Conant, and Ziglar Inc., just to name a few.

He has coached thousands of students around the world from all walks of life.

Gregory is married to his wonderful wife Hillary, is the father of 7 children,
and resides in Provo, Utah.


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