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[]Anorexia: You Can Never Be Too Thin—Or Can You? by Jennifer K. Jordan


Anorexia: You Can Never Be Too Thin—Or Can You? by Jennifer K. Jordan

About The Book:

Through its captivating and comprehensive stories and tools for recovery, Anorexia offers a way out from this deadly disorder to vibrant health, full life, and freedom. The condition can kill, but Jordan’s journey from near death to life shows that recovery is possible. Hope and solutions await inside the informative and inspiring pages of Anorexia!


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About The Author:

Jennifer K. Jordan is a California-based author with a passion for celebrating the spiritual in our daily lives and educating others. She has worked as a writer and teacher and hold’s dual Master’s Degrees in Education and School Counseling.

Jennifer is committed to inspiring others to live to their highest potential, and her books empower readers to live their most fulfilling, healthy, and joyful lives.  


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