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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish Your Sense of Humor–Don’t Leave Home without It by John Morreall

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Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH Your Sense of Humor–Don’t Leave
Home without It BY John Morreall

 (Carlsbad, CA – 12-11-2014) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Your Sense of Humor–Don’t Leave
Home without It by John Morreall
, which offers an in-depth exploration of
the nature of humor and its many benefits.  In an entertaining style, Dr.
Morreall shares his 35 years of research into the psychology of humor and his 25
years of leading seminars on humor in the workplace (  Each
chapter starts with a cartoon by Robert Mankoff, Cartoon Editor of the New
Yorker.  There are plenty of other visual materials, practical tips, and
exercises to cultivate your sense of humor. for release in Fall

Sense of Humor–Don’t Leave Home without It shares with readers Before
about 1980, humor was generally thought of as light entertainment at best, and a
childish waste of time at worst. Since then, research in psychology, medicine
and business has shown that humor has dozens of physical, mental, and social
benefits. This book, based on 35 years of research, overturns the traditional
prejudices against humor and explores its many benefits. First, it shows how
humor is the opposite of stress. Then it examines the other medical benefits of
humor, and shows how humor is being incorporated into healthcare. Next it shows
how humor makes us mentally flexible–creative, able to cope with change, and
resilient in the face of problems. The social benefits of humor get several
chapters, including ones on the differences between women's humor and
men's, and humor in leadership. A practical chapter covers  humor in
speeches and presentations. Other chapters explore humor in training and
education, humor in sales and marketing, and humor in customer service.
Throughout, the lessons are enriched by stories, by cartoons of Robert Mankoff,
and by other visual materials.

Motivational Press is excited to work with John Morreall to share with

uses exercises to give readers the experience
of how humor works

shows how humor is physically and
psychologically the opposite of stress

shows how humor makes us mentally
flexible–creative, able to cope with change, and resilient in the face of

explores the role of humor in the new
post-heroic leadership

reveals the deep linkage between humor and


About The

Dr. John Morreall is an internationally
recognized expert on humor, especially its benefits in healthcare and business.
He has been teaching university courses on humor since 1983, and has published
five books and over seventy articles on humor. In 2000 an international
conference was held in Amsterdam based on his book Humor Works.  

Since 1988 he has been on the Editorial Board of Humor: The International
Journal of Humor Research. In 2004 and 2005 he was elected President of the
International Society for Humor Studies.

Under the name Humorworks, Dr. Morreall has addressed over 500 business and
professional groups in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan. His work has been
featured in the New York Times (four times), the Washington Post, the Manchester
Guardian, Forbes, and The Economist.


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