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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish Welcome 2 The Week! by Rebecca Hancock

Janet Carson


Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH Welcome 2 The Week! BY Rebecca

 (Carlsbad, CA – 02-06-2015) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Welcome 2 The Week!
by Rebecca Hancock
, which offers A collection of 52 inspiring personal
development subjects and quotes to make the most of your week – and year!

A year can be a long time, throughout which challenges may be had, experiences
may be felt, and the motivation to keep going and personally grow may waver.

Welcome 2 The Week is a unique collection of motivational and inspiring subjects
that will stand by the reader through each week of the year. It will not only
assist them through their challenges, but will also motivate them to be the
successful and happy individual they know they want to and can be!

Each week, the reader will be given thoughts and suggestions on a different
personal development subject together with the facility to take positives
action, and be inspired by a motivational quote to carry you through the week
and beyond!
for release in Fall 2015.

Welcome 2 The Week! shares with readers Welcome 2 The Week contains
52 personal development subjects, with thoughts and suggestions on how the
reader can improve themselves in this area and a motivational quote to finish
with, associated with that week’s subject. It is written in a simple and easy
format for the reader to get the most out of each week.

The book also includes a journal page, ‘My Week’, which encourages the
reader to take positive action from the subject of that particular week and
provides interaction with the book to inspire the reader to have it as a their
companion throughout the year.

It has been written to inspire and motivate people of all ages and from all
walks of life, with the ultimate aim to support people to make the most of their
lives, go for their dreams and live the best life that they can.

Welcome 2 The Week will assist the reader not only to achieve each week, and
each year, but throughout their life’s journey!.

Motivational Press is excited to work with Rebecca Hancock to share with



About The

Rebecca Hancock, a qualified and
professional life coach, has been empowering a wide range of clients to achieve
their goals, realise their dreams and live the life they want.

After facing challenges in her own life, and overcoming them, she felt that if
she could do it then she could help others too.

Retraining as a Life Coach and gaining a distinction in her studies, she founded
Dream2Be® Coaching & Personal Development in 2010

Becoming a life coach, she has helped people of all ages with self-esteem,
confidence and happiness challenges, to name just a few. She continues to
empower clients to face their fears, and live each day to the full.

Client Testimonial:
“Rebecca is an inspirational coach! Buckets of positivity, a great listener,
masses of understanding, super skills to get to the underlying questions, and
terrific techniques to help you move forward into making the life you want.
 Rebecca has a genuine interest in making everyone make the most of each
day, and fulfilling their dreams!” G.Kirwan


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