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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish The Can Do Workplace by Cathi Coridan

Janet Carson



Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH The Can Do Workplace BY Cathi

 (Carlsbad, CA – 12-22-2014) –

Motivational Press today announced an agreement to publish The Can Do Workplace by Cathi Coridan, which offers an innovative framework to shape and support a workplace culture, where CAN = what is possible, meets DO = the action to make it real, for release in Spring 2015.


The Can Do Workplace shares with readers A can do workplace is where strategic
change, inspired growth and a persistent attitude of gratitude are the
expectation and the norm. Ms. Coridan’s second book, The Can Do Workplace,
presents the Can Do Model of Change & GrowthTM, focused on potential,
possibilities and power to transform businesses, nonprofits and communities. The
practices of the Can Do Model – Alignment, Decision-Making, Change & Growth
and the Secret Sauce – teach, shape and reinforce how people in organizations
set and align goals with actions, make decisions, predict and manage change,
communicate, deal with mistakes, and invest in their future and success.

Sadly, many organizations and businesses today seem to get stuck in the muck and
mire of can’t do. Their focus stays on the negative – the lingering impact
of the recession, lack of revenue, poor employee performance, what has to get
cut, what cannot get done, who’s to blame… or, they establish goals and set
expectations that are not realistic, without the strategies, resources or
capacity to meet them, and then they achieve predictable employee negative
attitudes and product or service outcomes.  

The Can Do Workplace, with its action orientation and diverse collection of case
studies offers a plain language guide to enhancing organizational culture at all
levels to create an intentional work environment that encourages, promotes and
supports employee excellence for change & growth.  

Motivational Press is excited to work with Cathi Coridan to share with

provides useful strategies for individuals at
all levels of the organization

focused on specific challenges for nonprofits
and small businesses

offers models to use lessons-learned to shape
the future, not repeat the past

in-depth case studies provide role models
with great ideas for change & growth

combines common sense with best practices for
a customize Action Plan


About The

Cathi Coridan is a consultant and author who
provides writing, training & interim executive services that help
individuals, nonprofits and small businesses successfully navigate change &
growth with excellence so that they can make a CAN DO kind of difference.

For more than 40 years, Cathi has served in local and national youth and family
agencies and organizations as a CEO, consultant, counselor, leader, program
manager, fundraiser, youth minister and teacher. Since 2010, she has worked as
consultant and grant writer for organizations, ranging from sole proprietor
businesses to national membership associations from Boston to Dallas and many
places in-between. Through the years, Ms. Coridan has served on numerous local
and regional nonprofit Boards.

In 2012, Cathi underwent a six-month course of chemotherapy to treat Chronic
Lymphocytic Leukemia and has been in remission since February 14, 2013. In
October 2013, she published The Can Do Chronicles as an e-book, and it has
recently been released in paperback. When asked why she wrote the book, she
said, “I learned many life lessons as a cancer (not so) patient and during
treatment that transformed my world view into Hope + Gratitude = CAN DO. I want
others to benefit from my life lessons, without having cancer and going through

Cathi lives in suburban Washington, D.C. with her husband, Ned Hogan and their
“wonder dog Chippy”.


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