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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish Motivation From Within by Stanley Agwu

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Janet Carson


Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH Motivation From Within BY
Stanley Agwu

 (Carlsbad, CA – 03-13-2015) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Motivation From Within
by Stanley Agwu 
, which offers This book will offer ready to discover
that the ability to reclaim their life and start regaining what is life behind
is within them. All they need to do is to remember that real motivation comes
from within. for release in Spring 2015.

Motivation From Within shares with readers Motivation can be viewed
as the act of inspiring someone into taking action. However in this book, you
will realize that the word “Motivation” can come from any angle to an
individual that needs it the most.

As seen on the chapters of this book that true motivation comes from within a
person that is willing to take charge of their own life by taking action and
building confidence from within them self.

In a nut shell, this book is a life transformer that will open your eyes to
endless possibilities that lies within you. Only if you are inspired enough to
take massive action from within, then this book will inspire you more to act on
your plan of action.

Real result in life often comes from inside out, and to achieve that, you must
know how to go about reaching out for what you are capable of from within you by
reading through this book. Powerful read that has the ability to upgrade your
life by design..

Motivational Press is excited to work with Stanley Agwu to share with

Self Empowerment
Personal Development
Real value to better life style
Unconditional benefit to Inspire
Real strength lies within you


About The

From a dish washer to a door to door top
sales agent of two major companies in North America and now became a voice and
inspiration to all as a Motivational speaker empowering  all ages accross
the world.

Stanley Agwu is a brand in the arena of motivational Speaking, with his speaking
skills and talent, now has become an intrument to apply change and I can do
altittude to other around the world.

His journey to the top has not only improved his experience and skills, also
have played  a major part in Stanley Agwu's ability to helping others
find their own true part that will lead them to start living life by design.

Fresh talented speaker like Stanley Agwu needs to be in the forefront where
every one can gain access to his success tools and material that will help
enrich their knowledge on how to become success and live a better life style.

Stanley Agwu mission and vision is to inspire over ONE BILLION people around the
globe with his message of hope and positive change. is time to start living from
where you are not to where you need to be.

Stanley Agwu strongly believe that we are not limited by our circumstance or
location but we are all limited by our thought.

becoming the major reason why Stanley Agwu made a life time commitment to place
is knowledge and experience on the print to help a great read to become a great
thinker and promote I CAN DO IT… attitude which will eradicate negativity and
promote possibilities in our society.

lastly, Stanley Agwu also strongly affirm that each an every one of us has what
it takes to  become their own hero in life.. which is obviously will be
learned from his books.

From a humble beginning to becoming an Author and an International Motivational
Speaker.. Any thing is possible.


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