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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish Lean Business Planning by Tim Berry

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Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH Lean Business Planning BY Tim

 (Carlsbad, CA – 05-12-2015) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Lean Business Planning by Tim
, which offers …a simple but powerful way to get what you
want from your business. Use it to get organized, focus on what's most
important, follow through for results, do what matters most.  It's a
lean business plan – almost no words, just what's supposed to happen –
to set specific steps to match your efforts to what's really needed. Be
scrappy, change fast, review and revise often. Track what works. Get the right
things done. for release in Spring 2015.

Business Planning shares with readers Lean Business Planning offers a
simple, powerful, and effective way to organize your business on what matters
most, set the right priorities, track results, and get the right things done.
It's all about making your business life easier, doing what works best,
getting the best results by tracking what works and always improving.

Learn how to simplify strategy and execute. Learn how to set milestones and
follow up. Learn how to use easy forecasting to know your numbers and sleep
better at night. Learn how to use a very small lean plan to set strategy,
execute, and then correct, in small steps, all the time.

This is nothing like the traditional business plan. It’s streamlined, in
bullet points, lists, tables, just what you need to run your business and review
and revise regularly. It's faster, easier, and way better. And it's
about what you want from business, not just a plan. It's about staying
simple, tracking what works, and always improving.

The book quickly covers the concept of lean management, lean startups, and
principles of lean business planning, then goes to concrete practical how to do
an quick lean plan in four steps, then how to do regular review and revision,
when to change a plan, and when not to, and how to know the difference.

Its author knows real business from the front lines. He built his own business
to multi-million-dollar sales, profits, and no debt without outside investment.
He has started multiple businesses, is an angel investor, Stanford MBA, and
dedicated writer known for his books, blogs, and social media.

Motivational Press is excited to work with Tim Berry to share with

Get what you want from your

Get organized, focus on what’s most
important, and follow through

Align what you do with who you are and what
you want

Let priorities set what’s most important and
what get’s done first and best

Make your business serve your life, not your
life serve your business


About The

Do a Google search for “business plan
expert” or “Obi-wan Kenobi of Business Plans” and you’ll find Tim
Berry listed first in the organic, unpaid results. He’s been interviewed
hundreds of times in print and radio.  His writing appears regularly on, Small Business Trends, Amex OPEN forum, the SBA Industry Word
blog, and his own blogs.

Tim practices what he preaches. He founded Palo Alto Software and bootstrapped
it to more than $5 million annual sales and no debt, without outside funding. He
also founded and was a co-founder of Borland International, a
software company that went public in less than four years.

He's also a Stanford MBA, angel investor, and former mainstream journalist.
And he taught Entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon for nine years, in
his spare time.  


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