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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish by Thomas D. Craig

Janet Carson


Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH Is That So? A Modern Fable of
Awakening BY Thomas D. Craig

 (Carlsbad, CA – 03-19-2014) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Is That So? A Modern Fable of
Awakening by Thomas D. Craig
, which offers A story about choosing life
no matter the circumstances. Every human being is on a journey and dealing with
things in their lives. It is how we choose these circumstances that create our
world. Is That So? is a fable about letting go of attachments and choosing a
path of love. for release in Spring 2014.

That So? A Modern Fable of Awakening shares with readers Life is a choice
for Riley Porter. He flees in the middle of the night with his mother after
years of abuse from his father only to find alienation, anger, and lies hiding
out in a small town. It is here Riley finds himself and walks a path of truth,
of integrity, of love with the guidance of his new mentor and friend Willy. This
story is loosely based on the Zen story of the same name that tells of a Zen
master, Hakuin, who is accused of wrong doing in a small village only to respond
unmoved to a wrongful accusation. It is in this spirit that Riley chooses peace
and love amidst the chaos around him. As Buddha told us, life is suffering, yet
it is each moment that we choose our life. Letting go of any attachment we are
free to live in each moment. This story tells of this awakening available to all
living beings..

Motivational Press is excited to work with Thomas D. Craig to share with

Choosing life no matter the

Love conquers all
We are all teachers and students at every

Every ending is a new beginning
We are all on a hero’s journey


About The

Thomas D. Craig, a business executive,
competitive martial artist, father, seeker, avid hiker and mountain climber, is
author of A Cup of Buddha and Is that so? A Modern Fable of Awakening. Thomas
has been studying eastern philosophy and meditating for over 25 years and is
committed to igniting a revolution of love, an army of Zen warriors promoting
peace and connection throughout the world.

In 2008 Thomas lost the superficial world around him, his business, his
belongings, his marriage. It was at this low point, in the space of nothing that
Thomas found everything. He found his purpose, his voice, his passion. It was
here that he began to write and fight for a bigger purpose than himself. It was
here that he found his connection to love. Thomas is committed to building a
Zen army, an army where each and every human being shines their divine light.
This is the journey, a journey of peace, a journey of love. Thomas walks this
path, the path of a Zen warrior.


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