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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish by Michael Wolf

Janet Carson


Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH The First Time Real Estate
Investor Book BY Michael Wolf

 (Carlsbad, CA – 04-09-2014) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
The First Time Real Estate
Investor Book by Michael Wolf
, which offers A step by step guide on how
to become a successful investment real estate owner, with everything you need to
know from theory to practice and from finding, analyzing and making offers to
closing, renting and realizing wealth accumulation. for release in Fall

First Time Real Estate Investor Book shares with readers The First Time
Real Estate Investor Book teaches you the IDEAL way to purchase investment real
estate. The book identifies WHO real estate investment is meant for, WHAT types
of real estate investments there are out there, and WHY real estate investment
is beneficial and correctly timed for today’s marketplace. It identifies WHERE
the best places to focus your investment energy and WHEN to capitalize on
investment opportunities.

The book takes you through each stage of this process, step-by-step, in an
easy-to-follow and down-to-earth chronological method for quick learning by any
reader looking to enhance their real estate knowledge and best practices for
success in the investment real estate world.

The First Time Real Estate Investor Book takes you from A-to-Z in terms of
getting familiar with the key concepts and lingo within the investment real
estate industry, and easily applies them with a multitude of real life examples
to get a global understanding of how to win with investment real estate. Not
only will you learn how to correctly analyze and compare a good deal from a bad
one, you’ll be taken through each stage of a real estate deal from the finding
and offering stage to the closing table and getting the place rented. Thus
beginning the noble pathway to wealth through real estate investment ownership.

The majority of the most wealthy people in the world allocate some of their
assets for wealth preservation and accumulation in the form of investment real
estate, and you should too. Reading the First Time Real Estate Investor Book
should help you get on a faster track for success in becoming independently
wealth through investment real estate..

Motivational Press is excited to work with Michael Wolf to share with

Understand the IDEAL guidlines for purchasing
Investment Real Estate

Learn the who, what, why, when & where for
investment real estate

A step-by-step guide for the purchase process
for an investment property

optimizing your property for the highest
maximum rental income

how to best advertise, manage, maintain and
maximize your real estate holdings and thrive.


About The

Along with wife and partner Jessica, Michael
Wolf is a professional Realtor helping their clients buy, sell and invest for
nearly a decade. Their team, the Wolf Real Estate Group, consistently ranks as
one of top real estate teams in the entire area. Mike’s first publication as an
author was “The First Time Homebuyer Book”. Mike was Voted as San Diego’s BEST
Real Estate agent in 2013 by the local San Diego Union Tribune. Mike is an
Honoree of the National Association of REALTORS “30 Under 30” Award for 2012. He
serves on multiple committees within the local San Diego Association of Realtors
to usher in a new and positive perspective and much needed change for the future
of Real Estate. He & his wife specialize in handling all aspects of Real Estate
sales for their clients, structuring Investments and representing both buyers
and sellers with residential and investment property. We work relationally and
not transactionally and constantly focus on being and making a difference for
their clients for the better.


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