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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish by Michael Tarnpoll

Janet Carson


Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH The Frequent Flier BY Michael

 (Carlsbad, CA – 09-04-2014) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
The Frequent Flier by Michael
, which offers The Frequent Flier offers the reader an
opportunity to filter through much of the traditionally accepted beliefs of
America's role in Latin America during the Cold War years.

As experienced through the life of a most extraordinary man, the morality and
inner workings of foreign policy take on new and surprising interpretations.

Finally, we must decide what is the proper, ethical sacrifice to make, and for
what end. for release in Winter 2014.

Frequent Flier shares with readers 
The Frequent Flier is the true story of a man with stunning professional and
emotional abilities who helped to shape the course of the mid twentieth century.
Because of the clandestine nature of his work, and the extraordinary secrecy
which he was compelled to live his life, his is in fact, the most accomplished
man of recent times about whom nothing is known

After WWII, the urgent goal of the United States was to keep communism from
gaining a foothold in the western hemisphere. History teaches how US foreign
policy made that happen, but that history is not entirely correct. This is the
story of how it was actually accomplished, and the man behind it all.

The Frequent Flier is the true story of Morris Tarnpoll, a seemingly ordinary
man who became the key player in the emergence of Latin America into the new,
modern age of petroleum technology; oil. Because of his singular positioning and
skills, he was indispensable to both the company for which he worked for four
decades, and the US intelligence community. In that critical part of the world
throughout the Cold War years, he lived a dual life as an employee of The M.W.
Kellogg Company and as a covert operative for the CIA.

Through his efforts, developing countries in South America became dependent on
Kellogg, and by extension the United States, for access to the energy source
that was about to change everything and power their futures. Tarnpoll cultivated
an imposing and powerful presence and walked the halls of power with influence
unmatched by any operative of a foreign government.

Due to the covert and legally ambiguous nature of his activities, Tarnpoll’s
immense achievements remained hidden from all but the very few with a need to
know. His family had no such need, and they did not know. From the most mundane
aspects of his life to the most arcane, everything was kept hidden from them.

The man lived two simultaneous and mutually exclusives lives behind which the
story of an astonishing existence was cloaked. Had that not been essential, his
would be a name included in the list of our country's more significant

Years of aggressive research revealed stunning truths about Tarnpoll's
activities, his masters and his second family in Buenos Aires. What it revealed
about the man, his contemporaries and the times in which he lived, made this a
book that had to be written..

Motivational Press is excited to work with Michael Tarnpoll to share with

Quandary of practical vs. ethical
constraints. How can we know?

The true role of US foreign policy in Latin
American history.

Fascination historical overview of Latin
American history and social development.

The role of US companies with Nazi Germany
during WWII

How do we resolve that which we feel
compelled to do with what we know to be right.


About The

Mike Tarnpoll lived a fortunate early life
in an affluent New Jersey suburb during the nineteen fifties. He and his two
sisters were raised by their mother as their father was constantly traveling for
his work and rarely at home.

Defying the accepted path of the time, he dropped out of college in 1965 to
discover what was truly important and then change the world. Instead, he spent
seven years driving a cab and philosophizing until his kindergarten sweetheart,
now his wife, convinced him to return to school.

More than thirty years later, after a successful career in business, Mike left
that world in order to pursue his love of words and writing. After years of
writing copy on demand and ghost writing, he wrote his first book, The Frequent
Flier. He has since completed two additional nonfiction works with others to


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