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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish by Michael Matteo

Janet Carson


Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH The People Diet BY Michael

 (Carlsbad, CA – 04-10-2014) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
The People Diet by Michael
, which offers a fun and unique way to analyze and forge the kind of
healthy and fulfilling interpersonal relationships with family, friends and
significant others as well as reduce personal stress levels by cultivating
positive relationships. for release in Fall 2014.

People Diet shares with readers Most people would never describe the
company that they keep as a “diet,” but that’s exactly what it is, a friend plan
that, in many cases, originates when we are children and carries into adulthood.
Like a food diet, it can have significant consequences for every aspect of a
person’s life, and there are numerous similarities in how people choose their
foods as well as friends.

The People Diet is a book that is based upon the following premise: Who you
allow into your life can be even more important than what you allow into your
body; it all comes down to the choices we make. Just as we nourish our bodies
with healthy foods, we must energize ourselves with the company we keep and
acknowledge the fact that healthy relationships reduce stress levels, while
conversely unhealthy relationships are both stressful and lead to a poor quality
of life.

The initial chapters of the book provide readers with a personal inventory to
help them determine their overall happiness levels with their relationships with
family, friends and significant others. This is followed by a comparison that
demonstrates how early life is a passive series of food and friend diets (which
were, in most cases, established before we could talk). Finally, the inventory
is used to show the correlation between patterns of selecting people in our
lives and levels of happiness.

Later chapters include a variety of fun and creative sensory exercises that
assist readers to evaluate the different roles of the most significant people in
their lives and they can determine whether or not these relationships are
healthy or not, and determine a course of action to take, with the overall
objective being: surrounding oneself with supportive people and reduced stress
levels. It also helps readers recognize a variety of behaviors (like
ingredients in foods) that make some relationships healthier than others.

The People Diet is a fun, proactive, empowering self help book that parallels
food and people choices because these are the two most significant areas in most
people’s lives. It provides a sage advice, activities, anecdotes, analogies and
a common sense approach to securing meaningful relationships.


Motivational Press is excited to work with Michael Matteo to share with

Reduce stressful relationships
Make better social choices
Recognize and break bad habits and people

Establish parameters for present and future

Train people to be objective about themselves
and learn to be their own best friend


About The

Michael A. Matteo is an award winning
author, playwright, screenwriter and teacher. Currently he lives in China where
he continues to write books, stage plays and movies and works as a director for
English as a second language at an International school in Chongquing. He is a
foodie who loves to cook, secure healthy relationships and has personally lived,
The People Diet, for over a decade. He is proud to share the philosophy for
People Dieting with his readers because he believes that everyone deserves to
take an active role in forming stress free, productive and meaningful


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