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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish by Karen Southall Watts

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Motivational Press  TO PUBLISH Messenger: The Entrepreneur’s
Guide to Communication BY Karen Southall Watts

 (Carlsbad, CA – 09-02-2014) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Messenger: The Entrepreneur’s
Guide to Communication by Karen Southall Watts
, which offers
A primer of the basic business communications tasks facing most entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs often need to take on the function of
advertising, marketing, public relations and human resources, especially in the
start-up phase. All of these business functions require solid communication
skills. This book offers self-directed, professional education in clear everyday
language. for release in .

Messenger: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Communication shares with
readers Entrepreneurship is all about connection. To get customers to buy
products, backers to invest money and vendors and partners to cooperate you must
be able to communicate with them. This means getting the right message to the
right person in a way that s/he understands. “Messenger:The
Entrepreneur's Guide to Communication” provides a review of the
typical communication tasks for small business owners, and other professionals.
Written in short, digestible chapters, “Messenger” provides the busy
entrepreneur with lessons on analyzing and then improving their communication
skills. The communication guidelines in “Messenger” are the
culmination of years of training and coaching with real people struggling to get
their message across in the business world. .

Motivational Press is excited to work with Karen Southall Watts to share with

Based on years of real world work with
entrepreneurs, manager and students

Written in everyday business

Written in a style conducive to self-directed

Covers the most common communication tasks
facing today’s entrepreneurs

Helps readers fill-in-the-gaps in their soft


About The

In 2005, Karen Southall Watts drove alone
across the country from North Carolina to the Northwest corner of Washington
State to start a new phase of her life and career.  Karen has been a
business consultant, college instructor, coach and speaker since 1999. She now
happily serves clients all over the USA and in Canada from her new home in
Vancouver, BC. In her business workshops, Karen blends her formal education in
management with her background as a parent and performer to connect deeply with
clients.  Karen’s business writing and ideas have been featured in,, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, The Chicago
Tribune, and multiple business and education blogs.  She is a regular
contributor to Career College Magazine and  You can reach
Karen on Twitter @askkaren or


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Guide to Communication, ]

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