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Announcing MP Agreement to Publish Settled by Eric Maisel

Janet Carson

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA – 01-29-2014) Motivational Press

today announced an agreement to publish SETTLED by Eric Maisel, which

chronicles the birth of a second Israel in a thrilling adventure that paints a

picture of a better future for the world’s Jews. For release in Spring 2014.

SETTLED asks the question: What if Israelis moved en masse to a safer location

where their children could grow up in peace and prosperity? And what if

Jews from around the world began to join them? Could a single man create

this historic exodus? How would the world react? And what forces might be

unleashed as the idea of a second Israel began to take hold?

Follow David Cohen from the moment he survives a suicide bombing in

Jerusalem to that fateful day when he steps foot onto the island that will

become New Israel. Live the epic adventure that may foreshadow world


SETTLED is more than a novel about Israel and the Jews. It sets its sights

higher to examine how a lone individual can make a difference. In our time of

meaning crises and life purpose difficulties, with untold millions going through

the motions and wondering why there isn’t more to life, SETTLED provides a

blueprint for individual engagement. It announces to readers, maybe creating a

second Israel isn’t among your important life purposes but what is?

On the one hand SETTLED is an odyssey of adventure, chronicling the creation

of a second Israel. At the same time it is a novel of life purpose and meaning.

SETTLED happens to be about Israel and the Jews but it is more fundamentally

about how we can live in the 21st century, making our own meaning and

deciding on our own life purposes. If this genre has not existed before, it does

now: SETTLED is a shining star in the genre of life purpose literature.


Motivational Press is excited to work with Eric Maisel to share with readers:

• An exciting adventure story garnering worldwide praise

• A brilliant solution to Israel’s Mideast problems

• An actual blueprint for the creation of a second Israel

• A novel that inaugurates a new genre, life purpose literature

• A novel in the tradition of Orwell and Camus


About The Author:

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 40 books in the areas of creativity,

meaning and mental health. He is widely regarded as America’s foremost

creativity coach and founded the profession of creativity coaching. He provides

core trainings for the Creativity Coaching Association and leads workshops

nationally and internationally.

His books for creative and performing artists include Secrets of a Creativity

Coach, Making Your Creative Mark, Fearless Creating, Coaching the Artist

Within, The Creativity Book, Affirmations for Artists, Performance Anxiety,

Write Mind, Deep Writing, A Writer’s Space, A Writer’s Paris, A Writer’s San

Francisco, Creative Recovery and Creativity for Life.

A licensed California psychotherapist and mental health professional, his

books on mental health include Rethinking Depression, Why Smart People

Hurt, The Van Gogh Blues, and Natural Psychology; The New Psychology

of Meaning. He writes the Rethinking Psychology column for Psychology

Today and contributes pieces on mental health to the Huffington Post, Mad in

America, and the Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives.

Dr. Maisel presents at workshop centers like Omega, Kripalu, Esalen,

Hollyhock, and Rowe, at events like the Paris Writers Workshop, at annual

conferences of organizations like Romance Writers of America and the

American Psychological Association, and in locations like San Francisco, New

York, London, Paris, Prague, Rome and Berlin.

Dr. Maisel has delivered keynotes for the Jack London Writer’s Conference,

the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference, the William Saroyan Writer’s Conference,

the Rising Sun Writer’s Conference, the Legacies International Lettering

Conference, the Arizona State University Arts & Letters Convocation, the

Santa Fe Conference on Creative Tourism, the London Design Your Creative

Life Conference, the Antwerp Day For Creativity Conference, the American

Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic Creativity and Business Day, and

many more.

Dr. Maisel lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he maintains an active

creativity coaching practice.

Written by Publisher