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Announcing Agreement to Publish Two Tribes: Rebuilding Team America In A Post-Truth World by Jim Hester


John Schwartz


Motivational Press TO PUBLISH Two Tribes: Rebuilding Team America In A Post-Truth World BY Jim Hester

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA – 02-05-2018) –Motivational Press today announced an agreement to publish Two Tribes: Rebuilding Team America In A Post-Truth World by Jim Hester , which offers “the understanding of how to get America, using a championship football team as a model,  to the “Super-Bowl” through an understandable, comprehensive and balanced analysis of today’s political environment where we have become two warring tribes. for release in Spring 2018.


Two Tribes: Rebuilding Team America In A Post-Truth World

shares with readers With the first year of the Trump Administration serving as the backdrop, Two Tribes focuses on the massive and emotional partisan chasm that has divided the country into two tribes, as well as the disappearance of objective truth. Two Tribes argues that country is more important than party and encourages Democrats, Republicans, and Independents—especially those with children and grandchildren—to be patriots rather than blind partisans so that our best days lie ahead..

Motivational Press is excited to work with Jim Hester to share with readers:

  • Understandable through every day analogies
  • Comprehensive through thorough research
  • Balanced approach by considering and criticizing both sides
  • Offers solutions rather than just assigning blame
  • Encourages all citizens to speak up since government needs our consent


About The Author:

Jim Hester has practiced law for over 30 years, has taught law, business and political science at six colleges and universities, has served on the boards of several charities and, as an army intelligence officer, served with the Green Berets and volunteered for the Persian Gulf War.  He has worked, lived and studied in numerous countries, has written both non-fiction and fiction books and, as the first person in his family to go to college, holds three graduate degrees.
Jim and his wife Marla live in San Diego and have four adult children.  He is an avid student of history and of the Bible and is active in his church and community.


About Motivational Press:

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