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Announcing Agreement to Publish The Dreams Architect by Sarah McAllister

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Motivational Press TO PUBLISH The Dreams Architect BY Sarah

 (Carlsbad, CA – 12-04-2015) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
The Dreams Architect by Sarah
, which offers a non-woo woo guide to practically applying
'quantum energetic intelligence' to the design and layout of your home
to support you in fulfilling your dreams and highest aspirations. for release
in Spring 2016.

Dreams Architect shares with readers The Dreams Architect guides the reader
on a holistic journey of discovery from inner attitude and stance, to our
interdependent connection with nature and how space and time affects us
powerfully, and what to do to create the best environments around us, both
emotionally and physically in the design of our homes and the choreography of
our inner emotional lives. Weaving together the powerful subjects of
Environmental and Eco Psychology, Wilderness Philosophy, ancient classical
'forensic' feng shui, Chinese Astrology, Sacred Geometry and the Art
of Timing, Sarah McAllister shows us why we are impacted by space and time, and
how to create a dream home and dream life. She then gives us a glimpse of the
dream that is possible for mankind as a whole if we were to design entire cities
with energy sensitivity and interconnectedness. .

Motivational Press is excited to work with Sarah McAllister to share with

See the world around you with new

Understand how the energy of space affects
our mind, mood and emotion

Avoid common design disasters
Discover an empowering relationship with

Reconnect powerfully to nature


About The

Sarah McAllister has been practicing
classical Feng Shui professionally since 2003 and founded her consultancy
company Feng Shui Agency Ltd in 2005  after working in banking, insurance
and as a freelance translator and Shiatsu practitioner.  Her extensive
consultation experience has allowed her to see first hand the many small
miracles that the correct application of Feng Shui can create in people’s
lives and businesses. Her training in Shiatsu, Wilderness Philosophy, Chinese
Horoscopes, Date Selection and Environmental Psychology make her an insightful
comprehensivist and skilled strategist in design and life strategy. She is
privileged to include Princes Foundation for Building Community, Westminster
City Council, Red Bull and Oxford University as clients of hers and has been
featured in The Sunday Times, The Saturday Telegraph, Red Magazine, Natural
Health Magazine, The Guardian, Metro, Evening Standard, Fabric, Superyacht
Design, Hia magazine and Corporate Communications Magazine.


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